Don’t fall for the “Travelling Tuckpointers”

Don’t fall for the “Travelling Tuckpointers”

Every profession, every trade and occupation has it’s shortcuts. Often, they are hard to detect by the unsuspecting customer, who simply trusts the company they have contracted to carry out a service to do the right thing. It is the company and it’s employees that make a choice as to whether or not, they will remain true to the themselves and their clients and produce quality work, or simply take those shortcuts and ultimately reduce the integrity, lifespan and overall look of the product or service they provide.

Sadly, our industry is no different and has more than its fair share of “tuckpointers” who, in order to keep the work rolling in, simply discount their prices and then take every short cut possible to achieve a profit at the end of the job. Did you know that a shortcut as simple as not grinding out every joint correctly in preparation for the new mortar can save the “tradesman” up to 40% in time taken on the job & reduce the lifespan of the Repointing or Tuckpointing by up to 80-90% ?   We at Heritage Brickwork Restoration are genuine Novocastrians, and have proudly serviced the Newcastle and Maitland areas for over 25 years. During that time we have established a reputation within our industry as one of the leaders in our field within NSW and are regularly consulted by heritage specialists, using our expertise in surface preparation, combined with our exclusive tuckpointing system that allows us to offer a product lifespan second to none.

We are proud of our reputation and produce only the highest quality work, using the highest quality ingredients with no “short cuts”. Referrals from satisfied clients now represent over 80% of our business. Over the last decade, our profession has seen a dramatic increase in the number of transient ‘tradesmen’ that promote their services in several cities at the one time. Invariably, they have survived by promoting themselves using Internet advertising and luring customers with ‘discounted’ rates and the “promise”of quality work. Some have even become talented at Repointing and Tuckpointing brickwork that on the surface looks satisfactory to an unsuspecting client, but due to cheap, poor quality ingredients and insufficient surface preparation, has it’s lifespan dramatically reduced and the subsequent problems only become obvious after they have headed off to the next town.

Quality Tuckpointers, are usually in high demand and simply have no need to work outside their own areas. They are kept busy attending to referral business generated by the quality of their work and their overall reputation within the building industry. Before you consider using an “out of towner” to perform a task so important to the overall beauty and value of your home, ask yourself – why would a tradesman need to advertise his services outside the city he resides – and travel for hours to get to work – and then travel hours to get home, when if he had a genuine reputation for quality work, he would never have to search for work outside his own ‘backyard’..?

Put quite simply, we at Heritage Brickwork Restorations take the time to produce quality. Our customers are so happy with the job we do, they’ve happily supplied customer testimonials.   Below, you will find some examples of work performed in the Newcastle area by so called “Tuckpointers”. There are many jobs performed by the “Travelling Tuckpointers”. These are a small example of some of the bad quality jobs they’ve done. These “tradesmen” travel around from City to City with promises of discounted prices and “quality” work.  You be the judge…

Park Street, Hamilton South. Entire house was Tuckpointed just under 2 years ago. Tuckpointing has fallen off in numerous areas around front of house. Case in now with Dept Fair Trading.
Kemp Street, The Junction. Appalling colour match to mortar, incorrect joint finish and mortar left smeared on brickwork over entire surface. “You get what you pay for…”
Kemp Street, The Junction. Notice the small cuts to the brickwork left in the bricks above and below the vertical joints. These cuts will stay with the brickwork for life..
Parkway Avenue, Hamilton South. Appalling detail to the Tuckpointing lines and Tuckpointing mix left smeared on the brickwork.
Stewart Ave, Hamilton South. Lack of experience on the part of this “Tuckpointer” meant rising damp was ignored on this property, causing Tuckpointing to fall off in less than 12 months.
Stewart Avenue Hamilton South. Bad mortar/brick colour match and some of the worst attention to detail we have ever seen.Hard to believe this was actually done by a so called “professional” Tuckpointer.
This one leaves us without words…. ( Yes, hard to believe, a so called “Professional” Tuckpointer)
Park St, Hamilton South. This “Travelling” Tuckpointer couldn’t understand why the customer wasn’t happy with his work.
Park Street, Hamilton South. Same “Travelling” Tuckpointer, Same disgraceful attention to detail. Customer now regrets accepting the “cheaper quote”
Newcastle Street, Stockton. We quoted this project for the property owner and lost the job to a “cheaper quote”. Absolutely no surface preparation by this “tradesman” and zero attention to detail.
Same property, Newcastle Street, Stockton. Moss and weeds were growing from the old mortar, so this “tradesman” just went around them! This mortar will be falling out within 12 months and the owner will have to re-point the property again….
Newcastle Street Stockton. We totalled the hours saved by this so called “Tuckpointer” by not preparing the brickwork prior to repointing. Approx. 45% time saving to him, not counting the time saved by his complete lack of attention to detail and his neglect to clean up afterwards…
This photo clearly shows that the old mortar was not removed. This “Tuckpointer” simply placed new mortar on top of the old mortar. Hard to believe, but sadly true. ……Don’t fall for the “travelling Tuckpointers”

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